One of the biggest selling points of a property is the kitchen. If your kitchen is old and dated its going to reflect in the actual market value of your home by around £20,000. One of the key ingredients home buyers look for in a kitchen is the quality and durability of the worktop. Choosing the right worktop can be a minefield, however Engage Magazine are here to give you the low-down on what to look for when choosing the perfect worktop for your kitchen.

Top Reasons 5 to Consider Granite Kitchen Worktops

Choosing the material for your kitchen worktop is a serious decision. Thus, you will do well to select a worktop with a timeless look yet easy to maintain. Granite is one such worktop as it is affordable, easy to clean and scratch resistant.

Moreover, this natural stone worktop can give your kitchen an overnight transformation that you have been longing for. Before buying your next worktop, here are top 5 reasons to consider granite kitchen worktops:

  • Granite worktops have a rich colour spectrum – Granite is an igneous rock that is formed as lava cools. It comprises of four elements that include mica, feldspar, quartz and plagioclase feldspar. It is the different quantities of these four elements that give granite its exceptional look.

Moreover, it is the reason why granite worktops come in a variety of colours. Consequently, you have so many options to choose from the natural spectrum of colours as well as designs that are not only appealing but also a perfect complement for different styles.

  • Granite worktops are tough – Granite kitchen worktops are known to be tough owing to the fact that granite is rated second toughest after diamond. Thus, it is able to withstand weathering over the years. For this reason, it is ideal for the kitchen.
  • Granite worktops are bacteria and stain resistant – Owing to the tough nature of granite, it is difficult for bacteria to settle on granite worktops. These worktops are also stain resistant.
  • Granite kitchen worktops are aesthetically appealing – The enduring beauty of granite coupled with performance and elegance make it ideal for kitchens and worktops. What ’s more, worktops that are made from synthetic materials as it provides a feel and look of elegance cannot replicate these features.
  • Granite worktops are durable – Granite kitchen worktops are durable hence do not depreciate over time and are guaranteed to add value to your property. In addition, they are easy to clean, as all you need to do is wipe using mild soap and water daily and treating on a regular basis. You will do well to consider resealing the worktop to keep it looking its best. The use of abrasives must also be discouraged at all costs while being keen to wipe acidic liquids immediately so that they do not stain.

Cheap granite worktops UK must be taken care of well by avoiding exposure to excessive heat. One of the ways to do this is placing hot items on a trivet. You will do well to purchase a care kit containing products that are necessary when cleaning natural stone.

Why Corian Kitchen Worktops are an excellent choice

Corian made using natural mineral known as alumina hydroxide and acrylic polymer. The versatility of this material has made Corian kitchen worktops one of the best work surfaces today. This material is non-porous making it easy to maintain as scratches can easily be buffed with an orbital sander or scotch brite.

Moreover, Corian’s ability to be joined with an invisible joint makes it more preferred for the kitchen. Here are some major characteristics as well as advantages of Corian that make Corian kitchen worktops stand out:

  • Resistance – One of the factors that you must consider when thinking of kitchen worktops is resistance to heat, stains, abrasions as well as cuts. Corian fits this bill, as it is incredibly versatile making it a favourable choice over its competitors such as granite. In fact, unlike other materials, Corian worktops can be repaired to eliminate nicks, dents and scratches that can be removed and repaired efficiently and quickly.
  • Joining – One of the characteristics of Corian kitchen worktops that people look for include inconspicuous joints. Corian is able to take just about any shape of worktop that you can think of thus, being able to accommodate your style.
  • Aesthetics – The place of appearance cannot be traded for anything else when choosing kitchen worktops. Corian worktops UK comes in a range of colours and styles that you can choose from to complement your style. Lighter colours create a translucent look that will enhance the effect of your Corian worktops.
  • Repairing – Reparability is another top characteristic of Corian kitchen worktops that makes it the best option. That is, with these worktops you can be sure that even when accidents happen, your work surface can be fixed easily. In addition, damage caused by non-abrasive scouring pad or even a non-abrasive cleanser can be removed easily.
  • Hygiene – Corian is highly hygienic hence making it ideal for your kitchen because of its non-porous nature that gives no room for bacteria and mould to hide. Moreover, the Corian worktops are easy and safe to clean hence you can clean it completely.
  • Thermoformable – When subjected to controlled temperatures, Corian kitchen worktops are able to the thermoformed into various designs and shapes. Thus, you can create an incredible look, as there are no visible joins.
  • Environmentally friendly – Corian is renewable and recyclable. Besides, damages can repaired easily hence preventing the need to replace the worktops.
  • Unreactive and non-toxic – Corian workshop does not emit any gasses making it ideal for just about any surface.

All these characteristics of Corian make it an ideal choice for kitchen worktops. Regardless of your style, Corian looks good in any kitchen as it comes in different colours and patterns hence you are guaranteed to find a design that will fit your kitchen. In addition, this material has a long life span and will definitely last for a lifetime when taken care of properly. Remember, Corian does not require sealing hence, little maintenance to retail its look mainly through polishing and simple cleaning will suffice. Owing to these, Corian is considered a cheaper alternative to other materials live quartz and granite.

What to Consider When Buying Max-Top Kitchen Worktops

Max-Top worktops are one such example, as it not only offers aesthetic benefits but also a range of other advantages making it an ideal choice for just about any kitchen. These benefits include a great depth, simple fitting techniques and great strength.

With a wide range of styles, colors and finishes choosing Max-Top worktops can be overwhelming. Even then, you can easily select your worktops by taking into account the following considerations:

  • Budget – Having a budget is critical when shopping for your kitchen worktops. When you have a budget, you are able to find Max-Top kitchen worktops that will perfectly blend into your kitchen space and style. The prices of Max-Top will vary based on the uniqueness of each piece.

If you do not know where to begin, you can consider taking to kitchen experts at BBK Direct for professional advice. This way, you can be sure of not just finding a worktop but also value for your money.

  • Installation – This is another important factor for consideration. When not well thought out, the installation of your kitchen worktop can be a frustrating undertaking. Max-Top kitchen worktops are easy to install. In fact, with these worktops you are guaranteed of immediate and easy installation.

These worktops come in two sizes that are ready for installation. These worktops can be easily fitted using the standard installation techniques used when installing acrylic/laminate worktops.

  • Finishing – This an important feature to look out for when buying your Max-Top kitchen worktop. That is, you need to determine if you are interested in a worktop with a smooth finish or a rugged natural appearance. In most cases, Max-Tops are pre-finished so that what is left is assembling and installation. With these prefinished ranges, you are unlikely to encounter problems with installation.
  • Colours – Colour is critical when selecting your Max-Top worktops, especially if you are looking to create a statement kitchen. Your choice of colour should complement your kitchen style.
  • Maintenance – The care and maintenance of your kitchen worktops is another key factor for consideration. Overall, caring for your worktops should be easy to maintain yet durable. This not only gives you a peace of mind but also ensures that you do not have an additional maintenance cost. This will go a long way in giving you better service. Max-Top kitchen worktops require very little maintenance.
  • Weight and strength – Although many people take the weight and strength of worktops for granted. This is a major factor for consideration. Max-Top worktops are light in weight yet high in strength making them a great choice as it does not compromise strength.
  • Pricing – The price of worktops is also worth considering. Max-Top kitchen worktops are competitively priced owing to their efficiency as well as its ability produce worktops that are skillfully made by some of the best masons you can find.

Choose Minerva Kitchen Worktops for Solid Performance

The kitchen worktop is perhaps one of the places where a lot of the action in the kitchen takes place. Consequently, you need to pay attention when choosing your kitchen worktop to ensure that you go for a worktop that offers functionality and aesthetics.

Among the worktop choices that you have today include Minerva worktops, that is a blend of convenience and flexibility. This solid surface worktop is fast gaining popularity among many homeowners.

Minerva kitchen worktops boast of seamless joints with a robust and cool finish to touch making them a luxurious addition to your home. This worktop is designed to portray the appearance of stone worktops even though it does not come with inherent drawbacks or a high cost.

Minerva solid surface worktops are highly heat resistant making it ideal for your kitchen. In addition, it is also non-porous, as it does not allow the penetration of dust, dirt and bacterial. This worktop is also easy to clean, as it does not require any specialized cleaning procedure.

Minerva worktops come in a wide range of colours that make it suitable for just about every kitchen and even bathroom. In fact, Minerva bathroom worktops are a great addition to your bathroom that will add an aesthetic as well as functional role to your bathroom.

The diverse range of this solid surface worktop offers a wide range of colours, styles and specifications that are suitable for your kitchen and bathroom. What is more? Not only will your Minerva worktop look great but also it is also long lasting and highly durable with the ability to withstand anything. These worktops can also be personalized to suit your specification.

Minerva bathroom worktops and Minerva kitchen worktops come with work surfaces with a thickness of 25mm as well as a choice of integrated sink modules that will help in creating you dream kitchen. It is this flexibility and choice that makes Minerva worktops stand out in terms of performance.

The beauty of Minerva solid surface worktops is that they come when fully machined and edges on all the edges and surfaces. These worktops are easy to install so much so that you can easily install without any special tooling or training.

You can also minimize wastage with these worktops by opting for the 1.50m and 3.05m lengths so that you only order what you need. On the other hand, the 650mm depth can be ideal where you have cabinets that are deeper or appliances and even pipes that run behind your units.

Ultimately, you can be sure to feel the difference with the Minerva range of kitchen worktops that come with a ten-year guarantee.  This is a great way of reinforcing the fact that you are able to feel safe in the knowledge that you are going for the very best in terms of bathroom and kitchen worktops.

Give your Kitchen an Inspired Look with Artis Bohemian

Artis Bohemian laminate worktops are very popular in modern kitchens because of their affordability. These worktops are easy  to maintain and are available in numerous designs and colors. In addition, they have the look of natural materials such as wood, granite and natural stone and are hard wearing.

Buying Artis Bohemian Laminate worktops

If you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen with Artis Bohemian worktops, there are a few things you need to consider before buying your worktop. They include the following:

  • Where the worktop will be used – Artis Bohemian laminate worktops are ideal for general usage. You can use them for your food preparation areas, sink runs and around your hobs and cookers because they do not scratch easily and have heat resistance of up to 180°C. Other applications for Artis Bohemian include island units, breakfast bars, dining tables, shelving, splashbacks, support panels and vertical casings.
  • The look and style you desire to have for your kitchen – When it comes to the best look, laminate worktops can accurately mimic natural worktop materials such as wood, granite and suit. This means that Artis Bohemian worktops can suit traditional or modern design schemes. They also make an affordable alternative to more expensive natural materials such as wood, granite and marble.
  • The degree of maintenance that is required – Laminate worktops are very low maintenance and all you need is to clean them with a mild detergent to maintain their hygiene. Another good thing about laminate worktop is that they do not stain easily, unlike surfaces such as wood and marble. Remember to thoroughly rinse after cleaning because failure to do so can cause damage even if only a small amount of cleaning solution remains on the surface.
  • Durability – Durability is a strong selling point for Artis Bohemian laminate worktops. They are resistant to most chemicals and stains. In addition, you can now get an impact resistant 50mm thick worktop. The thicker laminate worktop is going to offer outstanding durability and so you should consider this factor when shopping.
  • Flexibility and installation – Perhaps the best thing about Artis Bohemian laminate worktops is the fact that you do not need to hire a professional to come and install it for you because you can do it yourself. In fact,  you can download a copy of fitting instructions online to guide you on installation. The worktops are normally available in 3000x600x50mm dimensions and you can easily cut and fit them to fit your kitchen area. This worktop is triple edged hence should you cut any side, ensure you have sealed it.
  • Pricing and shipping – In terms of pricing, Artis Bohemian worktops are available for as low as £249.99 if you know where to shop. Prices are all inclusive and you can have your worktop delivered within 3-5 working days. Accessories are available, including natural edging strips, duo edging strips and Bohemian chrome glue.

Other amazing attributes of Artis Bohemian laminate worktops

Apart from being 50mm thick, Artis Bohemian natural comes with a 3-year guarantee while the Chrome is guaranteed for 10 years. When given proper care, your worktop should serve you for decades. Therefore, if you need to refurbish your kitchen and give it a new lease of life, think about Artis Bohemian worktops.  

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