How to Give Your Home a 1960s Feel

The 1960s was an iconic decade of change and nostalgia. From the mods to the hippies, the 60s brought new revolutionary styles in music, art, and fashion. If you want to capture the essence of this vibrant era in your home decor, here are some tips:

1. Go for Retro Furniture Pieces

The mid-century modern look was all the rage in the 1960s, so look for retro furniture from this period. Go for sleek, minimalist shapes in woods like teak or rosewood. Iconic designs like the egg chair or tulip table make a bold 60s statement. Platform beds with geometric patterns and modular shelving units also evoke this decade. Don’t be afraid to mix modern replicas with vintage originals for affordable finds.

2. Choose Groovy Wallpapers or Murals

Wallpaper with psychedelic and pop art prints epitomises the 60s aesthetic. Look for large graphic black and white patterns or reproductions of iconic pop artwork. For a more budget-friendly option, paint a feature wall in a retro print or create your own psychedelic mural. Add touches of old-school floral prints and funky geometric motifs for a far-out vibe.

3. Display Pop Art Pieces

The pop art movement exploded in the 1960s, so display some bold graphic prints around your home. Hang up affordable posters of classic pop art like Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Diptych or Roy Lichtenstein’s WHAAM! For something more personal, create your own bright pop art canvases to liven up your walls. You can also find homewares like cushions, rugs and mugs emblazoned with 60s pop art.

4. Add Retro Fabrics and Patterns

Swap your modern textiles for some vintage 1960s patterns and designs. Dig out grandma’s old curtains or tablecloths featuring retro flower power and geometric motifs. Use fabrics like corduroy, wool, denim, or faux fur to make accent cushions. Or splurge on a colourful 60s-style rug to tie the room together. Pair these with simple furniture and walls to let the patterns pop.

5. Display Nostalgic Accessories

The devil’s in the details when crafting a 60s space. Display fun decorative accessories that capture the era’s spirit. Vintage clocks, telephones, radios, and TVs add a nostalgic feel. Curate a shelf of 60s books, vinyl records or magazines. Use retro kitchenware like tea sets, crockery, and appliances. Little touches like fringed lampshades, beaded door curtains or macramé wall hangings complete the look.

6. Incorporate the Mod Style

Channel mod 60s style by using blocks of vibrant colour. Paint a whole wall or piece of furniture in a bold shade like electric blue, acid green or poppy orange. Mix and match brightly coloured accessories against neutral backgrounds. Add 1960s flair with plastic furniture in transparent or white like bubble chairs or acrylic side tables. Metallic accents in silver, gold and copper also epitomise 60s mid-century style.

7. Set the Mood with 60s Music

Immerse yourself in the 1960s era by setting the mood with some groovy tunes. Make your own playlist of greatest hits from the period. The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, and the Beach Boys are quintessential. For authenticity, play the music on devices like a vintage record player, transistor radio or jukebox. Close your eyes and let the 60s soundtrack transport you back in time.

8. Incorporate Vintage Lighting

Update your lighting to showcase fun 60s styles. Look for mid-century inspired pendant lights, sputnik chandeliers, and retro table lamps. Search thrift stores or flea markets to find real vintage fixtures from the period. For DIY lighting, you can easily recreate the decade’s style by spray painting or adding new lampshades to existing pieces. Go for metallic finishes, bold colours, and spherical or geometric silhouettes. Groovy lighting casts a nostalgic glow in any room.

9. Decorate with Kitschy Touches

Don’t be afraid to get playful and kitschy with your décor. The 1960s were full of wacky design trends, so embrace elements like lava lamps, bead curtains, shag pile rugs and inflatable furniture. Seek out novelty accessories like classic View-Master viewers, Etch A Sketch toys, or a Mold-A-Rama machine. Framed vintage advertisements also nod to 60s pop culture. With the right balance of colours, patterns and tongue-in-cheek décor, you’ll be able to capture the fun spirit of the age.

With these simple tips, you can turn any room into a 1960s time capsule. Source authentic pieces or recreate the look yourself on a budget. Fill your home with iconic mid-century designs, bold colour schemes, psychedelic patterns and pop culture art. Before you know it, your home will be transformed into a fab 60s pad, baby!

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