Snapcheat is a new app that allows users to upload pictures of whatever they want.

Users can do everything from uploading photos of their food, to their dog or even selfies. Snapchat has taken the world by storm and is only growing stronger as time passes on. There are so many uses for Snapchat and more people are getting hooked each day.

What is Snapcheat and can I create an account?

Snapcheat is a new app that is compatible with the Snapchat platform, which will allow you to share any photo you take with friends without having it be uploaded anywhere else on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Snapcheat is a free app so that you can use it anytime you want, wherever you may be without restrictions or limits like in another app

What are the reviews? Is it Fake?

These are all questions that have been asked by many people. One of the biggest reasons that these questions were being asked was because so many people who downloaded this app had nothing but bad things to say about it.

Many people have reported that there is nothing but an advertisement for Snapchat on one side while a login screen pops up on the other. The login screen has been labeled as “A Snapchatapp” and is sometimes difficult to see in some cases. The complaints go even further about the ads popping up every where they go online and the app itself will not even work.

You can contact Snapcheat via e-mail at contact@snapchatapp.com or by calling them at 844 755 7331. We have also reached out to the developer of this app and we are waiting for them to respond. We have reached out to Snapchat as well and are still waiting for a response as well.

Is Snapcheat real?

We will let you decide that for yourself but if it does in fact work then it may be something worth checking into further.

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