What Students Look For In Accommodation And How Property Developers Can Create The Right Housing Options

What Students Look For In Accommodation And How Property Developers Can Create The Right Housing Options

Student accommodation may provide a lot of happiness to occupants. University can be a very formative time of a young scholar’s life, and property developers may have more responsibility here than they might perceive.

More than functional properties could be provided in these circumstances. Property developers might be able to create homes that are a little bit more special, putting students at ease and helping them enjoy their university experience more.

But what would it take to make positive progress here? Here’s a quick list of things that students might be looking for in their accommodations today and what property developers could do to address them.

Varied Design Offerings

Some students may be willing to put accommodations that are less than luxurious. After all, these accommodations are temporary, and occupants would be moving elsewhere in a matter of months.

That said, things may have changed somewhat today. People could be more conscious of living standards after years spent in various lockdowns, and now also contending with cost-of-living concerns. Students may wish to get as much mileage out of their money as possible, especially if they’re being saddled with huge debts for their academic careers. Why shouldn’t they expect greatness?

The student accommodation in Portsmouth is a good example of how well such properties are being made and presented day. There’s a focus on interior design that aims to boost living standards and reassure occupants that their time at university is to be enjoyed. Properties are modern and warm and thus may feel more homely to the student.

A middle ground may need to be struck here. Instead of just focusing on one type of property, it could be in the developer’s best interests to offer a spectrum regarding interior design and price points. That way, they might be able to cater for every student. More humble abodes could have their place, even begrudgingly.


Nearby Needs

Cycling and walking might be the main ways to get around a university town for students. Cars could be too expensive to run, especially in this climate.

Student accommodation in Portsmouth is also positioned close to the university campus. It makes it easier to get around and could foster a sense of community as students might be surrounded by their peers. Time and money could also be saved for the student by eliminating lengthy commutes, which might be appealing.

Sadly, some students have been devastated to learn they must live in neighbouring cities due to an accommodation crisis last year. Being far from their lectures and campus events could create serious distress and a sense of detachment from their programme and friends.

It may not just be about the campus, either. Students may wish to be nearer the nightlife, local shops, or even gyms in the area. While some may live on the outskirts of a town, most students may wish to live more centrally to wherever everything is happening.


Additional Storage Space

Students may not bring everything they own to university, but they may wish to continue some of their favourite pastimes in their new accommodations. University may not always be an entirely ‘fresh start’ for all students, and they typically bring quite a lot of stuff with them each year.

Prioritising ample storage space could be a good idea. Students may wish for walk-in closets that are quite large or need areas to store bicycles and other sporting equipment they use. Property developers might not have total control over some of the finer points here, but creating that sense of space could facilitate accommodating these needs.

Some students might use a storage company if they lack space. Still, most might prefer having their items under their roof rather than staying elsewhere. More inventive storage solutions can be included, such as stairs that double up as drawers. Otherwise, more cabinets and draws may please students. Property developers could perhaps go the extra mile with these efforts.


En-Suite Potential

It might be that students should get used to sharing. That said, most students might prefer to have some areas of a property to call their own.

These private spaces could be the bedroom and any adjoining areas, such as en-suite bathrooms. Having these add-ons might give them peace of mind because their toilet, shower, and all the goods inside won’t be used by anybody else.

The privacy en-suite bathrooms afford may be particularly appreciated in halls. After all, students may not have chosen who they’re living with here and feel less comfortable sharing these types of spaces and utilities.



There may not be one way to fulfil every student’s accommodation needs. They may have unique demands depending on their characters and preferences. Focusing on convenience might be the biggest and broadest draw, but otherwise, developers may need to diversify their property portfolios to gain the most interest possible.







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